Ways to Improve Air Quality

Ways to Improve Air Quality

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Having an air-conditioner is a necessity in Malaysia. We love staying indoors, whether in shopping malls or office complexes to avoid the heat. Sometimes it can get sweltering hot for months.

How conscious are you of the air quality you breathe?

Here are a few things to pay attention to if you want to breathe in quality, fresh air.

1. Fresh Air & Filtration

Did you know that most current AC units have unique built-in filtration systems? Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia has introduced the Platinum Nano Filter providing higher performance of premium units at a molecular level. This system not only cleanses the air of dust particles, it also works as a deodorising filter that rids the environment of unpleasant odours. A platinum catalyst within the unit absorbs foul smells and a nanometer-scale mesh catches and absorbs even the tiniest dust and dirt particles in the air.

If you’re concerned about the quality of air in your home, the Platinum Nano and Deodorising filter ensures the highest possible level of filtration. These systems remove allergy triggering reactants, germs, bacteria, and viruses from the air around you. If you are suffering from allergies, or asthmatic attacks, check if your AC unit’s filtration system is clean. If not, call on an expert immediately. Otherwise, rest assured that you and your family have fresh air to breathe. You could also place an aromatherapy diffuser next to your AC unit to ensure you have sweet-smelling, fresh air all day long!

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2. Prevent Mold Growth

Most AC units come with a built-in ventilation system to maintain the air quality of a room. Mitsubishi Electric’s AC ventilation system also drains all excess moisture from your room to prevent mildew growth. You should perform regular checks every once in two weeks, to ensure that there is no mould growing around the vents, seeing that Malaysian homes are susceptible to the effects of humidity.

3. Free from Dust Particles

Dust can trigger allergies, sinusitis, and dry cough infections. Mitsubishi Electric’s modern AC systems are equipped with multiple purification features. These are made using an innovative technology that include plasma filters with advanced filtering capability. That is why your AC can easily refine the air by removing all dust, dirt, greasy mist and even cigarette smoke.

We don’t recommend you smoke next to your AC unit, but rest assured if you do, that the smell will dissipate, leaving you with clean, fresh air to inhale in the comfort of your cool space.

Contact Your Nearest Mitsubishi Electric Centre

For more advice on how to ensure the air quality in your home is good, visit our nearest branch today! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to walk you through Mitsubishi Electric’s latest air-conditioner systems and functions.

We will show you how we strive for optimum cooling performance, while ensuring it’s less harmful to you and the environment.

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