History of Mitsubishi Electric

History of
Mitsubishi Electric

The history of Mitsubishi Electric is the history of the development of modern Japan. The company was founded in 1921, when Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. (now Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) spun off a factory in Kobe, Japan that made electric motors for ocean-going vessels into a new company called Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

our foundations

photo: 1921-23 Electric fan

Mitsubishi Electric’s first major commercial product was an electric fan, which soon became a national bestseller.

photo: The first Mitsubishi Electric television (Model 101K-17), launched in 1953.

The first Mitsubishi Electric television, launched in 1953, spawned an ongoing tradition of excellence in audio and visual systems.

Innovating Japan’s

photo: 1980 Diamond Vision

Debut of Diamond Vision™ display at Dodger Stadium in the United States

photo: optical neurochip

Development of the optical neurochip, a key device for realising an optical neurocomputer

what’s possible

photo: the world's first GPS-based car navigation system

Commercial release of the world’s first car navigation system incorporating GPS

photo: Subaru Telescope

Completion of Subaru telescope for the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan facility on the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

a step ahead

photo: MISTY®

Adoption of MISTY® technology as encryption standard for 3rd generation mobile phones


Successful docking of “KOUNOTORI” (HTV) unmanned supply vehicle with International Space Station

Always seeking
the cutting edge

photo: GE-PON systems

GE-PON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) systems win “top share” status in Japan

photo: "Hayabusa" Series E5

Completion of “Hayabusa” Series E5, holder of the Japanese speed record for a train

Mitsubishi Electric Group 100th Anniversary Website

You can view our anniversary website published in 2021.

History of Mitsubishi Group

Since 1870, when Yataro Iwasaki launched the first Mitsubishi company, the Mitsubishi Group has grown into a suite of independent companies that are active today in nearly every sector of industry.

History of the Corporate Logo

Learn more about the evolution of Mitsubishi Electric's corporate logo and our corporate statement.

Origin of the Mitsubishi Logo